This website is created in memory of

ARMY Sgt. Kyle J. Harrington.

He was a soldier…

“He was a soldier that everyone wanted to be around. Many of those who knew him called him a ’soldier’s soldier.’ And the soldiers in this room knows what that means. It means someone who characterized the Army’s core values.” – Brigadier General Tom Cole

Sgt. Kyle J. Harrington

Sgt. Kyle J. Harrington

He was a son…

“I remember his first experiment. It involved a toothbrush, an action figure, and our brand-new VHS player.” – Dennis Harrington

Kyle Harrington, Son

Kyle Harrington, Son

He was a Brother…

“I can’t be sad when I think of my brother. I can’t think of one sad moment me and my brother ever had with each other.” – Elizabeth Harrington

Liz Harrington

Liz Harrington

He was a husband…

“Kyle was nuts about her, and I could tell just by looking at him that that was it, he was in love.” – Dennis Harrington

Kyle and Faith Harrington

Kyle and Faith Harrington

He was a father…

“He was an amazing dad and one of a kind.” – Faith Harrington

“He wanted to protect the country so his kids could live in a country that was free.” -Debra Ryan

Kyle Harrington, father

Kyle J. Harrington, Father

Kyle J. Harrington, Father

Kyle J. Harrington, Father

He was a HERO…

Sgt. Kyle J. Harrington United States ARMY Hero.

Sgt. Kyle J. Harrington United States ARMY Hero.

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  1. Marvin Sims

    Harrington was absolutely a brother of mine, there wasnt a day that went by that we were not together doin things that brothers do. Joking, laughing, and enjoying life. He will be deeply missed. There isnt a day that goes by where i dont think of him and all of the good things we have shared during the past 4 years of my life. I have had a lot of friends in my life, yet harrington was the only true friend that i ever had in my life. He will always be in my heart and never forgotton. A little side note, I think 96 percent of the pictures i have from my time in the Army Sgt Kyle Harrington was in them. If it wasnt for him i would have never made it to the Sergeant. Thank You Kyle and your family will always be in my prayers.

  2. Spc. Dallas J. Gilpin

    We miss you Kyle. Your cheer brought many smiles to many people. You are a perfect example of what a US Soldier lives and belives. NEVER FORGOTTEN.
    “Good Wrench”

  3. Faith

    We miss you babe.. So very much.. I’ll never understand why you were taken, but I will always honor and love you. Our children will always hear stories about their daddy. They will grow up knowing what an amazing person you were. You were unlike anyone else, you played by your own rules. You had a very hardcore demeanor yet underneath it you were the biggest sweetheart. I’m so honored that I am the one you chose to be with. You made me and the children the happiest we could have ever been. I’ll love you forever and I will always tickle the kids for you! <3 We love you xoxoxo

  4. Kyle Harrington

    To Kyle’s family,

    Many young men and women have died in Iraq and Afghanistan, too many.I am British and have seen the daily losses in Afghanistan, we the UK/USA are taking the brunt of the war. I feel for you all. Sgt Kyle Harrington will be in my thoughts every time I say my own name now, until the day I die.
    Kind regards Kyle

  5. Eric C. Graham

    I am honored to have had the privilege of having you in my life. We did not have the same parents, but we were brothers. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss you. I miss the late night sleepovers; playing James Bond 007, volleyball, pictionary (losing mostly), and chocolate chip pancakes. Most of the funnest memories I have involve you. I saw you grow so much in the time that we knew each other. When we first became friends in Jr. High, we were goofy kids. You ended up a great husband, father, brother, son, soldier, friend, and a hero to all of us. Thank you for all of the memories, I will treasure them so long as I live. Love you man.

  6. Kimberly

    To the Family of Kyle Harrington and His children,
    Your Loss can never be taken away. You pain will lessen but never go away. You love will always be there, forever. What you have lost can never be returned. Please know that some of us understand the cost of our freedom. Thank you for all you have given so that we may be free. Feel comfort in the knowledge that your hero, is my hero. I am so sorry for your pain.

  7. Kymber Veautour

    The act of creating a memorial for one who has passed away is an act of spirituality. A memorial tells the world that this person may be gone but his or her spirit lives on.

    A memorial makes a statement that this individual will forever be tied together in the circle of life.

    A memorial is a statement that this person’s life mattered and continues to matter. The acts of goodness and courage will never be forgotten. A memorial is a way to remember a loved one forever, and tell the world he is a hero! Faith, you too are a hero. Your strength is amazing. Your children are blessed to have a mother as dedicated, and as strong as you to watch and guide them. Kyle is smiling down on you all.

    I am proud of this memorial that I maintain for you Kyle! On this, the anniversary of your death, know that you are loved. You are now, and will always remain our hero. Look down on us and guide us with your ever giving heart. Help us to be there for each other, and to watch your children grow no matter how far away we live. Help us to live in the sacrifice you made, and live in the shadow of your bravery. Show us all how to be that giving ourselves. Let us always remember that we are free because of the sacrifices of others. Sleep well on this one year anniversary of your death………



  8. Tara

    Kyle is a hero, always will be! Faith, as well as the kids are my hero’s as well! I can only imagine being as strong of a woman as Faith is, but I would never be! Faith you are amazing, and the kids are amazing as well! Kyle is in heaven smiling down, and watching over you 3 every single day! Kyle had a great life; his life was his family! He did whatever it took to provide and love them! He will be missed, always, but he will always still be here in spirit! Faith, Josh and Kay, you were very fortunate to have such a wonderful man as a husband and father! I love you guys and will always be here for you!

  9. marvin sims

    i cannot believe its been a whole year, there is not a day that goes by where i dont think about losing my brother. I cannot imagine what your family has been through this past year. Every holiday that has gone by i prayed for your family, how tough it must of been not to be able to spend it with there father, husband, cousin, son and friend. Kyle i miss you with all my heart brother and i know you are in a place where god will take care of you and where will take care of your family. Still to this day when i watch comedy movies i think of you “dumb and dumber” how u pretty much had that movie memorized, its hard for me to watch movies like that and think of iraq without my heart hurting. I will deeply miss you and your legacy will live on. Thank you for being not only a fellow soldier but a brother to me. To Faith and the kids my heart and love from my family to yours. We Love You, i try to keep track of you all, i seen pictures of the kids at Fenway Park wow amazing.

    love always
    marvin sims

  10. Cindy Gerke

    I watched Kyle grow from a comical, mischievous, and curious child who loved to tease his younger sister Liz into a loving big brother and responsible young father. He wanted to raise his children with the same love for family his mom gave him. Although his wife Faith and his children were the most important thing, he believed the women and children in Iraq should have the same rights and freedom as his mom and wife. As a man this was important to him and the reason he returned to Iraq. Our world fell apart Jan. 24. Faith, Kathy and Liz still cannot comprehend that horrible day.
    AS you look down on them and watch out for them, know that Faith is being as strong as possible. We here pray for them and you. You will always be missed by all those who knew you as well as those who thank you for your service
    to our country.
    Aunt Cindy

  11. SPC Joseph R. Adams

    Kyle always knew how to make people laugh and smile. There are groups that separate themselves in school and even in the military. Kyle was the kind of person who literally brought these groups together. Wether you were an outcast or very popular, Kyle always had a kind heart. He was the more popular, likable person but was kind enough to bring the outcast in. I am living proof of that. I served with him since 2005 in 542nd SMC with two deployments to Iraq. Although I did not hang out with him in the civilian world, he was one hell of a leader, a hell of a soldier, and a great person. He did not know hate, only fun, laughter and kindness with a cool guy edge. I miss you SGT Kyle Harrington. I will always wear your name on my wrist! Thank you for the memories and the good times you brought to us all! You will never be forgotten!!!

  12. SPC Lisa Milz

    I will always remember Kyle. He always made me smile when I was around him. I remember all the times he used to make fun of me just to see me get mad and then make me smile. He always knew how to light up a room without even trying. I remember him talking about Faith and the kids, I wanted to tell everyone just how much he loved them even if they already knew it. I will always be glad that he touched my life even if it was only for a few months. Thank you so much for what you gave for this country and for thous how love in it. I will always remember and always be grateful.

  13. Judy Harrington Coleman

    Thank-You for my freedom

  14. SGT Jeremy Turner

    Even though it took awhile before we knew who each other was even being in the same unit, once I met you I knew you were a great soldier and more importantly a great person with a beautiful family… You are Greatly Missed and I will Never Ever Forget you…

  15. michael luke

    I’ll never forget you brother! all the way back to the Charlie Cobras! Love you Kyle!!

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